Offers - Extra Options

You can schedule every Extra Option separately or as an upgrade to each package:

  1. Odor neutralization with Ozone treatment
    (removes all unpleasant Odors)

  2. Pet hair removal

  3. Window protective coating (windshield)
    (An ultra-thin protective film that causes a Lotus-effect providing enhanced safety in rainy conditions)

  4. Rim and tire cleaning (incl. protective coating)

  5. Headliner shampooing

  6. Leather seat cleaning & care

  7. Mold / Mildew removal

  8. Soft Top and Convertable roof cleaning & waterproofing

  9. Engine wash & waterproofing

  10. Removal of windshield advertisments, stickers and adhesives

  11. Waxing with Genuine Brasilian Carnauba Wax

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