Offers - Complete Preparation

Basic Complete Package:

  1. Interior vacuuming

    • Carpet
    • Seats
    • Trunk

  2. Basic cleaning

    • Door frame
    • Door sill panel
    • Dashboard and Instrument Panel
    • Mirrors

  3. Gentle high-pressure prewash by hand

  4. Intense car foam shampoo by hand

  5. Drying by hand with microfiber cloth and chamois

  6. High-polish rim cleaning

  7. Window cleaning from the outside & Inside

Premiuim Complete Package:

Includes the Basic Complete Package +

  1. Intense Interior cleaning

    • Dashboard and Instrument Panel
    • Plastic fittings
    • Door seals

  2. Protective coating of the entire interior

    • Dashboard and Instrument Panel
    • Plastic fittings
    • Door panels

  3. Door frame polish and protective coating

  4. Vinyl protective coating of the door seals

  5. Intense cleaning and coating of all external plastic and chrome parts and rims
    (restores rim, window seal, bumpers, etc. orginal look)

  6. Manual application of protective coating of the painted surface

Deluxe Complete Package:

Includes the Basic & Premium Complete Package +

  1. Shampooing & deep cleansing

    • Seats
    • Carpet
    • Floor mats
    • Trunk incl. spare wheel, cleaning & coating
    • Fabric door panel

  2. Possible wet-sanding of the painted surface blemishes and damages
    (removes minor scratches and traces of car wash tunnel usage)

  3. Mechanical polish of the painted surface to restore the shine and luster

  4. Protective and preservation coating afterwards
    (to prolong the new shine and luster)
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